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Wrapping up Assisted Living Week with a Fiesta!

September 30, 2023

Residents had a blast celebrating the end of Assisted Living Week with a vibrant Fiesta day. The highlight? Our wonderful chefs whipped up a Taco Station that left everyone craving for more! Good food, great company, and unforgettable memories. #AssistedLivingWeek  #FiestaDay  #TacoTime 

Crafting Magic at Brightmore of East Memphis!

September 28, 2023

Crafting Magic at Brightmore of East Memphis! Our independent living residents had a blast getting creative with Linda, our amazing volunteer. Together, they crafted beautiful coasters, and the results were nothing short of spectacular! #CraftingDay  #CreativeCoasters   #GoodTimes 

ALZ Walk with a Practice Session Today!

September 27, 2023

Our Independent Living residents geared up for the ALZ Walk with a practice session today! They strolled around the courtyard and enjoyed engaging activities like cornhole, putting, and a delightful brunch. It’s all about building camaraderie and supporting a great cause. Ready to walk for Alzheimer’s! #ALZWalk  #PracticeSession  #CommunitySupport 

Lunch BBQ & Brew Fun at Brightmore of East Memphis!

September 26, 2023

Our independent living residents had a blast gathering for this special event, welcoming guests who toured our community last week. It was a delightful occasion of mingling, savoring delicious food, and sharing positive feedback about our vibrant community. Cheers to wonderful connections and memorable moments! #BBQandBrew  #CommunityGathering  #BrightmoreMemories 

Dinner at Pete & Sam’s

September 24, 2023

Dinner at Pete & Sam’s – a taste of tradition! With over 40 years of serving up delicious Italian cuisine, this restaurant is a local gem. We had a fantastic time and savored every bite! #PeteAndSams   #ItalianDining  #LocalFavorite 

History Comes alive with Dan

September 22, 2023

History came alive at Brightmore of East Memphis with our special guest, Dan the History Man! On Saturday, he took our residents on a captivating journey through the years 1942-1945, and the tales he shared left a lasting impression. Learning never goes out of style, especially in Independent Living! #HistoryUnveiled   #GuestSpeaker   #LearningJourney 

Tropical Day Delights at Brightmore of East Memphis!

September 20, 2023

Executive Chef whipped up a refreshing tropical fruit drink and a stunning fruit tray for our Assisted Living residents.They swayed to the rhythm, danced, and reveled in the sounds of Hawaiian music. A taste of paradise and a day of pure joy! #TropicalDay   #SeniorLivingFun  #DancingInParadise 

Tacky Day Shenanigans!

September 18, 2023

Tacky Day Shenanigans for National Assisted Living Week! Our residents took the judge’s seat and had a blast picking the tackiest employee. Laughter and fun ruled the day as we celebrated in style! #TackyDay   #AssistedLivingWeek  #FunWithResidents 

Exploring the Agricenter Farmer’s Market

September 16, 2023

Exploring the flavors of Memphis! Our independent living residents had a fantastic time at the Agricenter Farmer’s Market. Fresh, homegrown veggies and fruit made for a delightful day out. #FarmersMarketFinds  #LocalFlavors   #MemphisAdventures 

Smoothie Love

September 14, 2023

This week, we whipped up some delicious and nutritious smoothies that were an absolute hit with our residents! Our secret ingredients? Fresh blueberries, juicy strawberries, and ripe bananas. #HealthyLiving  #SmoothieLove   #CommunityWellness 

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