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INSPIRE Wellness Program: East Memphis Near Germantown & Collierville

Among the top values of Liberty Senior Living’s communities is the desire to assist residents in achieving their optimal level of health. Wellness is more than an absence of disease; rather, it is an overall sense of well-being in many dimensions of one’s health, including physical, nutritional, spiritual, social and intellectual. With a focus on enriching these areas of our residents’ dimensions of wellness, Brightmore of East Memphis, near Germantown and Collierville, embraces the INSPIRE wellness program.

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Multi-dimensional and comprehensive — designed to fully immerse you in a well-rounded program where you can achieve an exceptional feeling of well-being and a high sense of self-efficacy — INSPIRE meets your unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to have some of the best years you have ever experienced.

Participating in the INSPIRE program will steadily decrease your blood pressure, lower your resting heart rate and increase your oxygen levels, as well as increase your gains in muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. INSPIRE allows you to feel better not only physically but also mentally and emotionally through our person-centered dynamic programs. Bringing fun into the classes is a primary goal, in addition to implementing an innovative and creative approach when instructing group fitness classes.

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Dining is an important part of each resident’s life since mealtime not only provides nutrition, but it’s a time for gathering with friends and neighbors to connect and socialize. Many communities offer multiple dining venues in which residents can dine.

Liberty’s dining partner, Morrison Living, delivers high-quality meals with a commitment to local, seasonal, sustainable and delicious food. With our dining and wellness teams operating in sync, we are able to offer a customized, person-centered approach to providing innovative, nutritionally balanced meals that promote healthy eating.

The program, Clean Eats, offers rotating vegetarian menus that are featured with weekly specials. The educational component of the Morrison nutritional program, Teaching Kitchens, provides a platform for residents to explore food, culinary and nutrition literacy that will positively impact food choices and experiences.

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It is equally important that we are attentive to our spiritual and mental health as we are to our physical health. An overall sense of well-being is dependent on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The means of achieving this inner peace varies by individual, and the INSPIRE program offers a variety of methods to appeal to this dimension of wellness.

Often, residents find spiritual inspiration and solace through religious services. In partnership with local parishes, our communities offer religious services on our campus. Additionally, non-denominational meditation classes are offered either as a part of pool or land classes or as an independent class. Meditations are often included during Yoga, Tai Chi and Balance, specifically focusing on the mind and body connection.

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Physical and On-going goal-setting

An in-home visit and welcome upon arrival to the community includes a program overview and INSPIRE welcome packet. Wellness Assessments are scheduled at the residents’ convenience.

Wellness Assessments are required before residents begin their INSPIRE career, which includes a 30-minute assessment where medical history is reviewed, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation are recorded and the Senior Fitness Assessment is performed. The standard Senior Fitness Assessment includes chair sits to stands, arm curls, a 2-minute step test, sit and reach and a back scratch 8 ft. up and go, which assess lower extremity strength, upper extremity strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, grip strength and balance, respectively. Reassessments are conducted each year on each resident to provide an update on fitness levels and advise changes in current exercise regimen.

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Onsite personal training is an additional charge.

The Wellness Director can create an individualized exercise plan depending on Assessment/Reassessment results. In addition, the Wellness Director can provide an overview of all equipment in the Fitness Studio and record seat positions/guide resistance suggestions.

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Life enrichment programs stimulate social, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of residents’ wellness. Programs include dance classes, outings, programs, events, wellness activities, social gatherings, guest performances, lectures, etc.

INSPIRE is integrative as it maintains open lines of communication and referral systems in place between the Health Center, Rehab and onsite Medical Director to ensure all needs of every resident are being addressed (medication, exercise, nutrition, etc.). Wellness programming for both Independent Living and Health Center residents help maintain a high quality of life and well-being community-wide.

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Bridge to Wellness-INSPIRE works hand in hand with the inpatient and outpatient therapy department to continue the plans of care for residents in the Wellness Center upon discharge from therapy services. This “Bridge to Wellness” program is an essential and vital part of the continuum of care in the community and allows residents to transition to and from therapy services seamlessly and effortlessly, all under the same roof.



Our communities often partner with local colleges and training centers. With this partnership comes the added benefit of year-round student interns completing their fieldwork experience under the direction and supervision our Wellness Director or other staff members. Student Interns often hold educational seminars on health and wellness topics, conduct fitness and aquatics programs and may perform research studies and case studies with and for our residents.Residents are also given a multitude of volunteer opportunities to serve in the local community.

Be inspired. We’re more than just a retirement home in East Memphis. Join INSPIRE today to achieve your personal best while living near Germantown and Collierville.

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